Our belief is you are the heart of everything that we work for.

Customer is the pillar of our business and it is imperative for us to make your parking experience to be the ultimatum choice.

Whether you drive a Ferarri or Micra you will be treated with an utmost paramount.

Book with us and have a guaranteed service in a timely manner or have your money back!

We have given the badge of Parkmark® for a valid reason!

Please only Contact us or review us for service standards customer service if your booking reference start with SL-LHR or SL-LGW.
If you have chosen skylink parking for Gatwick or Heathrow via any comparison sites, then this is NOT us especially from below sites.
"We compare parking"
"We deal meet and greet"
"Ezybook" or "skylinkparking.co.uk"
Please note we are a separate entity from skylink parking service booked via above sites
Thank you for your understanding

A Little About Us…

Our motto of ‘’Park with a heart’’ and we do it as we say. Having tested vigorous training, real-time troubleshooting, and dealing number of individuals with all kinds of mentality we have figured what precisely a customer expects from a service provider? It’s the trust and value for the money.

We are a group of persuasive mindsets and determined to be different from others. Not to mention, we pride ourselves being distinct from those who pay little or no attention to details. You may have tried many service providers out there, but what we can assure that you will feel the definition of clatter free. The only reason is that we have chosen quality over quantity. Since the inception of Skylink back in 2010, we have rapidly grown at Heathrow and acquired many parking companies under the subsidiary of Skylink Group. Not only that, but also, we have gained partnerships at Other airports. It’s because our most robust tool is, state-of-the-art technology.

Moreover, we maintain professionalism and courtesy, which are the envy of our rivals and the delight of our customers. This has gained us a large number of regular customers who are happy to permanently stay with us and helped us grow by their recommendation. The success of Skylink Parking has been our customers. They have their trust and always have offered enjoyment of our service and been able to travel with total peace of mind and confidence that we truly are Stars when it comes to the parking business!

The way it work?

Booking with Skylink Parking is simple and it only takes seconds. Once you have completed the online booking, you will receive full instructions via email.

Why give it a try with us?
  • ParkMark® awarded facility
  • Under 1-mile distance from T5-T4 straight line (Business travel only).
  • Under 3-mile distance straight line from T2-T3 (Business travel only).
  • Mobile controlled electric gates with barriers.
  • HDCCTV Surveillance with clarity night vision.
  • Servicing at Gatwick, Luton, and Heathrow.
  • Matured drivers who are familiar with all types of vehicles.
  • Combined experience in the parking industry for over ten years.
  • A long-standing brand name you can trust.
  • Keys are kept separate from an intruder alarm system.
  • Secure online payment by HSBC's preferred partner.
  • Customer service with a personal touch.
  • Sophisticated platform for Corporate accounts.


The location of our main compound is situated just outside the parameter of the airport. Hence, delivering a car is a mere matter of 10 minutes.


ParkMark certified after a thorough inspection observed by a member of police and British parking association to ensure the facility is suitable to store the vehicle at a lower risk.

However, we advise you to carry out your own homework before you park with anyone unknown never heard of.


Always check if the company is registered or has a valid trading name and is verified by the Companies House website.


Do not believe any feedback you see onsite. It can be edited to make it look sugar-coated.

Always search for service reviews on multiple companies like Trustpilot, Revoo, Google, etc.


lt is important to know the level of cover and the type of insurance the provider has to offer.


Arguably, human has the impulse of making a quick decision based on a cheaper price. Not the right thing to do when it comes to Airport parking.

This could cost your journey a fortune "You pays your money and you take your choice."

Why choose valet parking?

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